Detect visitors that use Ad Blockers! It detects nasty ad blockers and displays a custom message to your visitors, and you can optionally lock your content until they disable the ad block add-ons. Very simple to install and it’s also optimized to work with any Bootstrap Template out there. The content is still visible and indexed by search engines (SEO Friendly).

Also, it is fully customizable. You can:

  • Change the status of the plugin (on/off)
  • Allow (or not) to close the Ad Block detection modal window
  • Set a different path for the plugin
  • Specify a different icon size for the modal window
  • Change the design of the instruction images with the included .psd files
The package has a directory named “detector/” which contains all the necessary files to activate the plugin. The files include:
  • index.html: basic html to get started, it uses bootstrap and jquery directly from the developers CDN servers.
  • main.js: detector javascript
  • adsbygoogle.js: bait file that allows the detector to actually detect if the browser is using an ad blocker plugin
  • images used in the modal window (both .png and .psd formats)

(if you’re testing the plugin in your development environment, please open it with a webserver from http://localhost instead of file:///)

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